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Connecting with children

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Oct. 6th, 2007 | 10:27 am
posted by: amacmillian in tranquilparents

Take an art class at a local museum (The Austin Museum of Art offers classes for all age groups as well as Adult/Child classes, check your local museum for classes), or local art shop (Michael's, Hobby Lobby, pottery shops, even smaller shops that cater to artists).

Check out your local community centers, libraries, outreach programs.  Most organizations might even offer free, discounted, or scholarship rates for those of us whom have financial concerns.

Whatever it is that your child(ren) are interested in, share that interest for a day (a couple of hours), even if you think you aren't any good at it (like art, we all have this idea that we have to compete with the VanGoghs, Picassos, and Renoirs of the world, very few people produce work good enough to hang in the Louvre, so don't worry about it, GO HAVE FUN!  Besides, I'm sure it will be beautiful, and your mommy would want to hang it on the refrigerator, if she's available for comment).

The same could be said to do with your Significant Other...

Take a class for yourself, as well.  Convince your sweety to take a class in Salsa Dancing.  Something fun for a day.

Some Suggestions:

Sport related (we're so not into that, but I'm sure they offer something)

My daughter and I are taking a class at the Austin Museum of Art, and I think we may end up taking more separate classes as they become available.  I certainly plan on taking a class on pottery.  I never got the opportunity to throw clay on a potter's wheel, and I really want to.

Also in Austin, we have the Dougherty Arts School.

Definitely do some Google searches, talk to your kids, fin out what their secret desire is.  It might just surprise you.

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