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The community sprang to life after having read The Hip Tranquil Chick by Kimberly Wilson, and listening to her podcasts on integrating the yoga lifestyle on and off the mat. So, the maintainer really isn't that original, but she never claimed to be anyway.

I plan on discussing and sharing ideas on how to maintain a luxe parenting lifestyle, with or without yoga. You don't have to practice yoga to live a mindful, luxe lifestyle, or instill values in your children, or take a second just to notice the ducks flying overhead (even if you are 15 minutes late to work, for the fifth time this week).

Our kids are homeschooled, school-schooled, montessorri, waldorf, prep, private, public, and charter schooled. They're bullied, and exposed to things we wish they weren't, so how do we make sense of this crazy world for ourselves, much less the kid screaming about the Xbox not working. We're rushed, tugged, pulled, and teased. We work, stay at home, have to maintain a relationship with our loving spouse, or not so loving ex. We have to juggle dinner, after-school activities, and our own lives.

With some amount of creative thinking and ability, we can squeeze all this in, or get rid of the excess, and live a simpler, richer life. Topics will include: instilling values in ourselves and our child(ren), self-care, nourishing our creativity, social life (you too can have one, not including the PTA and other moms at school!), work outside and inside the home, finances (if you believe the stats, we're all in debt and not saving nearly enough, or: How to save for college and retirement), developing a personal style (your child doesn't have to have better clothes than you), your personal retreat (cut the clutter, cut the stress), and global consciousness.

We welcome all faiths, values, single, married, partnered, or otherwise. This is a loving and supportive environment for all to come, share and give input.

Please, join us.

amacmillian is a single mom of one child. I'm an aspiring bibliophile and yogini.